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Our Offer to you:

  • No Monthly Retainers!
  • No Minimum Charges!
  • Zero Setup Fees!
  • No Management Fees Ever!

"We have partnered with SLAM on a number of occasions. They showed a great deal of integrity, hard work and willingness to achieve positive results."

Keith Arnold

Managing Director Loud Communications


"The way SLAM works with you every step of the way exceeds any other Marketing company we have ever worked with. They not only implement effective strategies, they manage the whole process and report back to you with the results and ways to further grow your business. We are very grateful for all SLAM has done for us at Sukhavati."

Stephanie Jackson

Sukhavati Bali Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa


"For the past 5 years we have self-managed our own Ads campaign thinking we could do it as well as anyone else. Since partnering with SLAM, we have seen a 50% increase in sales all the while reducing our Ads expenditure. It’s safe to say SLAM is great at what they do and our only regret is not contacting them sooner!"

David Fry

Director of Whiter Smile


"Since swapping our Ads provider to SLAM Strategy, we've seen a great increase in leads and sales. I’m very happy we changed providers to SLAM Strategy!"


Deborah Prior

Queensland Spitroast


"In the initial stages as I was new to the entire process there had been some slight hiccups and misunderstandings that were always quickly resolved by Shaun and the team. It's been 2 months in since they've launched our campaigns on Google ads, and already we've seen some positive results and are looking to scale. The team have been great and are doing a fantastic job. Looking forward to working together in the months to come and hoping for consistently positive results!"


Elaine Poon

Bubbable Baby


"Good and honest guys who will put in the legwork for the business to succeed."

Edgars Pudāns

Through Our Lens

How The Pay for Performance Model Works


Work with us on the basis that you pay us based on the revenue we generate for you.


Only a small % commission of what our work brings in revenue for you.


Additionally, the % commission is tiered based on the return on ad spend (ROAS)!

Offer ends February 28th

Our Client's Return On Advertising Spend
 Increased By 2404% In Just 3 Weeks

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Meet Our Executive Team!

Shaun Le Cornu


Shaun is highly respected in the industry with over 30 years of traditional and online retail and advertising experience, that he draws upon to lead his highly qualified team of experts in their respective fields. Shaun’s decentralised business model for SLAM Strategy is a direct reflection of his innovative and creative personality to provide the very best value for money digital services in the industry. Utilising state of the art I.T software to manages his international workforce and client base, Shaun is truly an early adopter and pioneer in the digital space.


Digital Advertising Team Leader

Jonathan W. Forrester is widely recognised as a visionary brand strategist, Innovator & little Pirate. Over his diverse career, Jonathan has worked in Fortune 500 organisations, small start-ups, and prestigious ad agencies. He has been invited to talk nationally and internationally on all things branding. He helps clients like Burberry, Hublot, and Samsung connect with their audience for impactful, honest, authentic brand marketing. Formerly the CMO of Les Mills Asia Pacific, he built a new global focused online and offline campaign around influencer marketing and thought leadership. Every brand has stories to tell—stories that will engage and inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience. Stories that create unique experiences, campaigns and deliver measurable business goals. And I'm the conduit between brand and consumer.

Nick Morris

Optimisation, Design and Development Team Leader

Nick has ten years experience working in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Nick has primarily focused on SMBs and worked with businesses in a variety of industries including home improvement, business services, automotives, tourism, hospitality, retail and many others. He has a Bachelor of Management (Marketing) from the University of South Australia He has particularly interested in SEO strategy and team development.


Strategic Advisor

Samar has two decades of experience in Google Ads management. He has also been managing Facebook Ads campaigns actively since 2007. He has a practiced approach to paid digital marketing that delivers great results. He is liberal, analytical and a futurist. He enjoys the challenges of an ever-changing landscape. He has a post graduate diploma in Marketing from Auckland University of Technology. He enjoys learning by doing; immersing himself in data and finding insights that can improve outcomes.


Social Media Advertising Strategist

With many years of experience in the online marketing game, Carol has excelled at promoting some of the most challenging products on the market. Managing our SLAM Social Media Advertising, Carol is a digital strategist with a focus on stats, performance, and ROI.


Copywriter and Journalist

Amanda is a copywriter, brand storyteller, journalist and editor. She's worked with over 300 brands in Australia and overseas. Amanda writes conversational, narrative-driven content for marketing agencies, independent brands, and media outlets. She has experience across all facets of content - developing brand strategy and story from the ground up, through to creating all types of communication assets. This includes taglines, brand messaging, articles, profiles, website content, video scripts, sales letters, brochures, print ads, press releases, retail packaging, and books. Her words can be found in VICE, The Advertiser, News Corp, Singapore Airlines, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, and Tourism Whitsundays.

The Most Important Reasons to Partner with SLAM
for Your Ads Campaigns:

  • Cost Effective & Value for Money
    Our decentralised business model enables us to operate at the lowest possible overheads without compromising any of the quality. We then pass on these saving to our client’s by maintaining the highest quality of work at an exceptionally affordable price.
  • Our Incentive Is to Improve Your Bottom Line
    Our packages structure combined with our return on investment strategies means we earn more only if you’re seeing the results you need.
  • Superior Knowledge ‎& Experience
    - Thousands of campaigns created
    ‎- Hundreds of sales landing pages designed ‎
    - Millions of ads published 
    - Multiple millions of dollars in sales generated for our clients.

  • Daily Personalised Multi-Team Service & Strategy Advice
    In order to achieve the best results, every single client has daily access to a marketing professional client manager and a Google Ads certified campaign manager.
  • 5 Star Ads Certified Team Standards
    We accept nothing but the best results and highest standards for our client. Therefore our entire team must achieve a 95% score or higher on their Ads exams to work at SLAM.
  • Professional Reporting When You Want It
    Receive Weekly or Monthly reporting from our professional reporting Ads campaign reporting tools.

The 6 major benefits of working with SLAM


Google Shopping and Facebook Catalogue Experts


Google Certified Partner


Always come up on page 1 for high value keywords


You only pay if we perform


Enhanced Ecommerce conversion tracking analysis


Weekly and Monthly in depth reporting

No Performance,

No Pay Guarantee,

Meaning We Won't Charge

Commission If We Don't

Generate Sales Every Month

*conditions apply.

Offer ends February 28th

Your Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Catalogue Ads, Ecommerce SEO and Ecommerce Conversion Specialists in Sydney.

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