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Marketing is considered the key to success in business.

In it’s simplest form, good marketing promotes & advertises goods/services with the intention to compel customers and clients to buy your goods or use your service.

Due to the expense of hiring a full time Marketer, many business owners can get frustrated.

It’s a classic Catch 22.

You can’t afford a full time Marketer, but you need to employ good marketing to generate more profits! What a vicious cycle!

This is where we come in.

At SLAM, in addition to our experienced Google Ads, SEO, Web 

Design/Development teams, we have an in house traditional marketing expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We thrive on ideas. We thrive on creativity. We thrive on marketing.

So what can we do for you? We offer the following services (among many others):

  • Bespoke campaigns
  • Business analysis
  • Market and competitor anaylsis
  • Graphic design
  • Print Media advertising (newspapers, magazines, signage)
  • Business essentials (logos, business cards, E-signatures, stationary)
  • Professional photography
  • Professional videography
  • Commercials (anywhere from 15 seconds to………well, how long is a piece of string?)– television or social media
  • Professional music/jingle production
  • Animation
  • Voiceovers

The 9 major benefits of working with SLAM

Here's some benefits of signing up with SLAM:

Marketing Management

Supercharge your marketing with a qualified marketer with real world experience, ready to take on your Marketing needs

Brand Management

Ensure that your brand is always ‘on point’ and has the brand equity it deserves

Market Research

Don’t fly blind when growing your business. Let us give you valuable insights into your market, your audience and of course, your competitors

Marketing Plans

We’ll compile a full Marketing Plan for you with analysis and quantifiable marketing goals

Analysis & Reporting

Always know where your business is situated with monthly reports and deep analysis of your position

Video Marketing

We produce professional promotional clips showcasing your brand, service or product for use on any digital medium

Digital Design

From graphic design to web design – if you need it, we can do it

Content Generation

Let us take the headaches out of producing your content with our team of copywriters, Social Media & Google experts, photographers & digital gurus


We’ll consult with you at every stage of the marketing journey, because nobody knows your business as well as you do. We like to work collaboratively, because two heads are better than one


Do you need help with Marketing but
can’t afford to employ someone full time?

Offer ends November 30th